Thursday, September 13, 2018

Welcome Back!

Hello My Amazing Artists! 

The start of the new year is exciting.  We have a newly painted art room - purple and green walls are so bright and cheery. We also have new decorations to add interest and energy to the room.

 Mona is still hanging up to remind students of expected behaviors and her new friend "Leonardo" will be travelling to different spots in the room each week. The kids enjoy trying to find him.

 Our first project is inspired by the book: The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  We're working on: "Make a mark and see where it takes you".  I am encouraging the students to try, explore and discover.  Look for all the dots displayed at Open House on Thursday September 27th at 5:30 - 6:30.

We're also starting each day with a piece of art on the whiteboard. Both current artists and classical masters will make an appearance. The students "vote" using green or red cards whether they like it or not.  It's my intention to broaden their awareness of the larger Art World. 

You can follow the art room on Face Book: Ottauquechee School Art Room.

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