Sunday, December 16, 2018

Kindergarten: Snow Trees

Hello My Amazing Artists

The kindergarteners listened to the book The Snow Tree by Caroline Repchuk. We talked about how the animals brought color to a tree in the woods. Then we got to work making our own trees. We painted a cardboard triangle, wrapped multi-colored string then added the final touches of silver and gold dots with Qtips. The results were stunning.

Third Grade: Birch Trees and winter birds

Hello My Amazing Artists!

Third grade art has filled the lobby at school. They worked to create birch trees using a square of cardboard and black paint. They cut out the tree trunk shapes then filled them with cardinals and blue jays in the style of Charley Harper.

Concert Art: 5th and 4th graders

Hello My Amazing Artists!

The students have been working very hard to get projects done in time to showcase for the school concert. If you were focused on the amazing job the students did singing, here is a close up of all the great work that was up on the walls.

5th Grade:

4th Grade:

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Wayne Thiebaud: 2nd and 4th grade Tasty Treats

Hello My Amazing artists!

Are you ready for some treats? The fourth and second grades created projects inspired by the work of Wayne Thiebaud (who's birthday was this month).  They felt they should have gotten real ice cream and donuts for inspiration.

The fourth grade used oil pastels to create ice cream sundaes. They paid attention to light sources, shadows and how to blend oil pastels.

The second grade used a pool noodle to print donuts. They then used chalk to create shadows and frosting. It was messy, but don't they look delicious?

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Third Grade Selfies

Hello My Amazing Artists!

The Third Grade just finished up these awesome selfies. They are cartoon versions of themselves and the whimsical details and expressions are priceless. They used bleeding tissue paper to add color, trying to use contrast to make the picture interesting.  I think they are so fantastic.