Monday, November 13, 2017

Indian Corn

Hello My Amazing Artists!

I'm delinquent posting this 5th grade project. The 5th graders began the year working with chalk pastels and the color wheel to create Indian corn. They needed to work carefully to blend their complimentary colors to give depth and shape to each kernel. It was hard and dusty. But I think they turned out beautifully!

Japanese Fish Printing

Hello My Amazing Artists!

Gyotaku Fish Prints

The 3rd Grade is studying Japan, so in Art we are learning about Gyotaku printing. Gyotaku is a combination of two separate words - Gyo, which means "fish" and Taku, which means "rubbing".

This art form began when Japanese fishermen developed a way to record the species and size of the fish they caught. They would apply ink directly to the fish, rub thin rice paper over the fish and peel away a beautiful fish print.

Our 3rd graders, despite their willingness to use real fish, used silicone fish models to replicate the process.

You can notice above, the artists explored "ghost printing" (using what's left on the fish to make a second print, without re-inking) and "cropping" (using only part of the inked fish).  They figured out interesting compositions that suggested depth and multiple fish. 

These artists then created an environment for their fish. Aren't these amazing!  

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Circle Weaving

Hello My Amazing Artists

The second grade has been working on this weaving project for several weeks.

We used old blank cds as our loom. We wrapped string around the cd to make the weft then used different colored yarn as the warp.  They had to be super careful to go "Under. Over. Under. Over" and make sure their yarn did what it was supposed to do. 

When they were done... they looked amazing!

I hung them on a large stick (thank you garden club) over the radiator so they sway gently all day.  The fun thing about using a cd was that both sides were shiny.  I was going to put it in the lobby, but was told it might set off the motion detectors!!