Thursday, September 13, 2018

Welcome Back!

Hello My Amazing Artists! 

The start of the new year is exciting.  We have a newly painted art room - purple and green walls are so bright and cheery. We also have new decorations to add interest and energy to the room.

 Mona is still hanging up to remind students of expected behaviors and her new friend "Leonardo" will be travelling to different spots in the room each week. The kids enjoy trying to find him.

 Our first project is inspired by the book: The Dot by Peter Reynolds.  We're working on: "Make a mark and see where it takes you".  I am encouraging the students to try, explore and discover.  Look for all the dots displayed at Open House on Thursday September 27th at 5:30 - 6:30.

We're also starting each day with a piece of art on the whiteboard. Both current artists and classical masters will make an appearance. The students "vote" using green or red cards whether they like it or not.  It's my intention to broaden their awareness of the larger Art World. 

You can follow the art room on Face Book: Ottauquechee School Art Room.

Monday, April 2, 2018

The Art Show

Hello My Amazing Artists!

The Art Show was a huge success. Thank you for coming. I saw many proud students showing off their work and their portfolios to family and friends. Each student picked two pieces of art from their portfolio. I asked them to consider which piece would show their hard work, something they were proud of or really liked the way it came out.

If you weren't able to make it, the art will be up until April vacation, then we've got to make room for new art.


Multi-grade Ceramics:

Kindergarten, First Grade, 4th Grade, Kindergarten snowman:

Kindergarten (Navy background paper):

First Grade (Green background paper):

Second grade (Yellow background paper): 

Third Grade (Red background paper):

Fourth Grade (Brown background paper):

Fifth Grade (Light blue background paper & netting):

That's a lot of art! 

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Art Art Everywhere: 2nd Grade

Hello My Amazing Artists!

The 2nd Grade knocked out some amazing art work. First they did Royal Self Portraits using collage and mixed media. They also worked hard on making Mexican Suns using plaster gauze strips and paint.

For the self portraits, they were supposed to black out any teeth they might have missing or in stages of coming in. It gives everyone such character.

We talked about observing themselves in a mirror as well as thinking about color choices. The head was painted to match their own skin tone and using oil pastels they added their facial features.

I can't believe I only took one picture of this stage!

Then once the background was colored in, the students had to add a crown (for the royal part) and a shirt. I think they are so cheerful. 

The Mexican Sun sculptures were a lesson in perseverance! It was hard to create the armature support from a paper bowl and cut triangles with masking tape. Then they had to wrap the whole thing in gooey plaster strips. 

Then the students went to town transforming the dried plaster sun into a vibrant mexican sun. These are on display outside the cafeteria for the next few weeks.

Once the rays were painted, the students cut out circles and drew on the faces. These were supposed to be ready for the Mexican Fiesta, but the snow day bumped things around. 

Art Art Everywhere: 3rd Grade

Hello My Amazing Artists!

The 3rd graders had a little fun exploring fingerprint art! They were asked to imagine what it would look like if they and their friends were all turned in to snowmen.  Notice all the extra details the students added -- expressions and flying heads -- and the longer they worked on them, the more amazing they became. Super creative work.

Art Art Everywhere: 4th Grade

Hello My Amazing Artists!

The 4th Grade has been busy too. They've worked with clay and chalk pastels.

The clay project allowed to students to explore their own creativity.  The basic form was a pinch pot. They could then add elements to transform their pinch pots into animals. (originally these were suggested to be Thanksgiving Turkeys, but my timing was off).  They needed to demonstrate good attaching skills or the pieces would fall apart in the kiln.

Then the students painted their creatures, paying special attention to complete coverage. Aren't these fantastic!!!

The students also worked with chalk pastels to create the northern lights. Using ripped construction paper and chalk pastels, these students lit up the skies. They could decide what was going on in the foreground as the lesson really focused on exploring the new chalk technique.